Is your camera running the latest firmware?

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With the spring plants starting to appear from the depths of the earth and the days getting longer it’s time for photographers to check over their kit for this years photo activities. Whilst practical things like sensor and lens cleaning is always a good task to undertake regularly one that often gets overlooked is to maintain the firmware of your camera.

Canon often introduces new firmware versions for it’s cameras to provide support for new features or functions and sometimes to correct some things. One thing is that the text on the LCD menu might need a little ‘clarification’ particularly the strings in languages that are not English or Japanese.

Recently I’ve had a photographer ask about some odd looking results and worryingly some trouble with processing RAW images from his EOS 40D in Adobe Lightroom. It turns out that his camera was still running a very old version of the firmware and firmware update 1.0.5 for the EOS 40D firmware had included a fix, the notes said…

‘Corrects a phenomenon that RAW images cannot open by competitors’ applications.’

You can update the firmware by yourself, it’s not difficult and the details and instructions are clear on the Canon EOS DIGITAL site. However please heed the warnings in Canon’s instructions, as a botched firmware update almost surely means a trip to Canon’s service center and maybe a costly repair.

If you are going to do a firmware update yourself here’s a few tips for the job.

  • Use a fully charged battery in the camera
  • Use a memory card that is 2GB capacity or less, particularly in older cameras
  • Remove the lens and put the regular body cap on the camera before you start
  • Once the update process is running don’t press any buttons or move dials

To determine the firmware version in your camera go to the menu and you will find the firmware version displayed in one of the yellow menu tabs.

The current latest versions of firmware you can download from Canon are listed below, click on the camera name to go to the direct download links. You will find that Canon only makes firmware for EOS available from the main site, all the Canon country sites link to this one place so make sure you only get your firmware from here. Most recent firmware updates since March 2011 have been provided from the Canon Europe and Canon USA websites, not from the main site. Some of the latest download links below will take you to the Canon Europe site to download the firmware.

If you have any information about updates to firmware please put a note in the comments, thanks.

12 Responses to Is your camera running the latest firmware?

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  7. Reply Ray says:

    I have Canon Rebel XTi. In the menu section, when I go to Setup#2 all I see is 3 settings for Language, Video System and Sensor cleaning, I do not see firmware, custom settings etc?
    I wanted to see firmware version but the menu item is missing from there?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Reply Dave Newton says:

      Hi Ray – this is a common question! The solution is simple though – turn the main mode dial away from the auto settings or ‘green square’ and put it into P, Tv, Av or M. You’ll then find a lot more menu options.
      Let us know if you have more queries.

  8. Reply Harold Baird says:

    My refurb T3i has 1.02 Purchased 5/20/2013

  9. Reply Hayley Masom says:

    Hi there,

    My 40D gave me a err 99 code at a wedding this weekend. I have changed batteries, Cards, Lenses, Cleaned Lens connecting points, Discharged the camera and formated cards. However I still get the Err 99 code.
    I have tried to update the firmware from 1.0.8 to 1.1.1.
    However if I follow the procedure via the Card in the camera it says it cannot continue and if I try it via the USB Cable and EOS utility tool section it browses for the firmware but cannot see it.

    Can you advise on next stage, I’m happy to pop to a service centre immediately if this is what you advise and need to know the nearest one to LE12 (loughborough/Nottingham area).

    With many thanks
    Hayley Masom

    • Reply Dave Newton says:

      Hi Hayley,
      If you have a persistent Err99 then the best thing to do is take the camera to service. It sounds like you’ve tried all the usual tricks for clearing an error and if these have not worked, then it is most likely to be something that requires a technician to fix.
      the nearest place to you is probably Calumet in Nottingham – they should be able to arrange a service to fix the issue. Failing that, H Lehmanns in Stoke on trent is about an hour from you and they are also a Canon accredited service centre.

  10. Reply Will Swetnam says:

    EOS M is now at 2.0.2

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